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Polysaccharide Therapy


Science has long ago proven that our bodies need proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes for optimal health. Science has now proven that there are a number of monosaccharides which are necessary for all cellular and immune functions, enabling the body to heal itself. These essential saccharides make up the "alphabetic code" that our cells use to communicate with each other.


There are approximately 200 monosaccharides found in nature. Eight of these are known to be essential components of cell-surface glycoforms used in cell-cell communication. Glycoproteins on the surface of every cell serve as signals to tell other cells who they are and what they need. If the cells do not have enough of the right essential saccharides, they cannot make the correct glycoproteins, and the cell-to-cell messages become disrupted. Subsequently, the immune system cannot effectively wage an offensive against intruders or imbalances.


Have you ever considered what puts the "super" in superfoods?  After cross-analyzing the chemical compositions of superfoods with adaptogenic and immunomodulatory properties, we discovered that the common denominator is polysaccharides containing "essential saccharides." We can conclude that it is essential saccharides which are responsible for the immunomodulatory and adaptogenic properties in superfoods. It is polysaccharides containing essential saccharides that put the "super" in superfoods. When we consider the research in the field of glycobiology which shows that these essential saccharides are responsible for the body's cell-cell communication, we can understand how they are able to provide these healing properties in superfoods. When cell-cell communication is enhanced, cells will be able to communicate effectively resulting in a proper immune response and necessary adaptation to stress. Essential saccharides are immunomodulatory, adaptogenic, and hold incredible potential.


Without adequate amounts of these essential saccharides the human body cannot function properly. In a perfect world our bodies would easily take glucose and convert it into all the other essential saccharides by glycosylation. Unfortunately, it is often very difficult for the body to synthesize adequate amounts of the missing saccharides. It takes an enormous amount of energy, up to 37 enzymatic steps, to synthesize these saccharides and things like stress, poor nutrition, toxins, lack of sleep, auto-immune disorders, and other illnesses inhibit the process. Effectively supplementing with essential saccharides takes the burden off of our over-stressed bodies and supports cellular-communication networks resulting in overall better function.

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